Re: McMurdo closed???


Well housing brings up another subject. That of turnover. Housing in general is a great place to work. Especially if you are a janitor. It’s downfall is the pay. It’s pretty much at the bottom of the scale. But even with the low pay there are a number of people who just enjoy the freedom of being able to wander around town keeping your zone in order. Housing is however one of those areas with a lot of turnover and with any company anywhere, everytime you turn over your workforce you bring in a lot of variables. Even moreso if the management turns over.
My particular view and it’s only my view is that whenever we have new management people come in that have never been to the ice before, the first thing they notice is how crazy things work down here. The experienced ones relax, chill out and try to learn why things are the way they are before making any changes. The inexperienced ones   impulse is to change things to bring their workplace more in line with what they would consider normal back home. It takes awhile to understand the complexities of weather, supply, personalities and interactions with departments of people that have been here for years. Sooner or later there comes a balance, but the intervening  adjustment can be hard on everyone.
If you end up with a boss that has never been to the ice, bear with it. They are having a much harder time with things than you could ever imagine. 90 percent of them will be different people after 90 days.No matter how hard it is to do, for the most part if you try to make them look good in their adjustment period, you are going to look even better.