Re: McMurdo closed???


I can’t tell you exact pay scales and to the best of my knowledge there are no mechanics that are active on this website. I can say that the job scale is broken down by skill level. There are GA’s that would be the lowest paid. They would clean the shop and help the mechanics when needed. Next would be PM Mechanics who would do the pms, oil changes etc. Their skill level needs to be higher in that they need to be able to spot problems during a pm. They would fix the easy ones themselves or pass on the problem to the next level.
Next would be light mechanics. They would be working on the passenger vehicle fleet.
The top would be Heavy mechanics and would be responsible for all the heavy equipment. bulldozers etc.
Any level could be asked to do anything. It’s not uncommon for lights to be working on easy jobs on the heavy equipment.
I know that this isn’t an answer to your question but maybe it’s a start if you contact Raytheon.