Re: McMurdo closed???


Mcmurdo is the most likely place to get hired. It’s a sprawling metropolis compared to the other stations. I used to think I would enjoy the Pole. These days I’ve decided I like the creature comforts of McM. There is also a lot to do. We have numerous hiking and ski trails, and the Recreation department works full time at keeping us entertained. Temps range from around freezing in the summer to 20 to 40 below in mid-winter.
Polies are generally adament that the pole is the best station of all. It’s smaller and more personal, but you are roughing it a little more. It’s also very cold.
Probably the best is Palmer. I’ve never been there, but I’ve never met anyone who didn’t love it. Palmer is on the penninsula and is much warmer than the other two stations. The water is ice free most of the year so supply boats can get in quite easy. There is also a lot of wildlife to see. It’s a lot warmer and I hear it even rains there.
Bottom line here. Everyone has an opinion. Each station is unique in its own way and depending on who you talk to any of the three stations is the best.