Re: McMurdo post office


For the good of all those who return to McMurdo next summer…I sure hope
your wife gets the Post Master Job there! Replacing the past post master
would be a real PLUS for McTown. Mail is a big and touchy issue there,
science comes first as it should but the ability to work with some people
that “Do” make mistakes at times with their mail it really would help to
have a Post Master that can and WILL compassionatley work with the
individual as well as live up to ALL agreements to resolve the issue. Yes I
have a very strenuous time with the past Post Master and I truly hope no-one
else has to experiance what I had to go thru. Im also aware of the fact
that many others (even the higher-ups)know of the problems but are unwilling
to resolve the issue. Like I said earlier…mail is a very touchy issue and
I hope your wife gets the job since a change is Really Needed.


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