Re: My Webshots Photos



I only spring for the best in cameras, I own NIKONS!!! My cameras have been
all over the world and they hold up like a tank. My digital is old but I
have all kinds of gear for it so I just can not part with it, not just yet.
When other people's cameras die because of the cold I seem to be able to get
a couple more shots off. If you go to my webshots website you will find a
pictures of Castle Rock and a light on inside the big Apple. If you look at
the flag closely you can see it whipping. That pictures was taken at -100.
My digital is a Nikon 990. My 35mm is a 6006. Nikon seems to be the best
camera for the cold. The 990 also takes short movies which also works very
well. I got some great short movies of the Dayton Airshow this year.
Movies are not my thing. You would be better off talking with Mike about
movie cameras. For my money, it is NIKON.

Happy Shooting

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