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Hi Mike and Lorie!
Hope that you had a good day. I went to check the temp on your site and i  believe it had a temp of 23 degress F. is this accurate? From now on i am going to put your location in my list for weather favorites so i can be more aware of your weather. Also i have been checking out the clothing sites and see that you are outfitted in New Zealand before departure. I noticed the color of your parkas on the cnn special, is there any reason for this other than for visibility? Were my eyes wrong but i didn’t see orange. what was the color called?
OK for now I have to go to work. i drive to Buffalo NY every night from akron Ohio and kinda work outside in the elements but nothing quite like you guys there. I also carry a HT ham radio to supplement my cell should that go down. I have read that you carry radios too. what brand and bands do you use. Have a good day.