Re: Navy Departure


Don’t you think I didn’t enjoy the QSO, Mike, since it is the contact with the ice since I left McMurdo in Oct 74…Tried all last year to contact KC4AAA from my 18-Wheeler but never made it…with the price of fuel like it is in FL, I’m fighting for my life with just 10 payments left on the truck…soon as I have a whole day at home, I’ll break out the egg crate with the Antarctic slides and pick out some good ones of Byrd, and “old” South Pole and even some of McMurdo that nobody hasg seen…I’ve got one favorite of Byrd just before we plugged the hole and flew out in ’72…It seems like the average thickness of the ice in the channel was about eleven feet but at least in those days it would all clear out and go out to sea…not just stay there…good luck to you guys…I’ll be in touch…73rds, Bob/W1NAV.