Re: no insurance


Raytheon is suppose to pay for those Dr bills directly linked to your
physical. They may have you pay up front but they will give you the needed
paper work so you will get reimbursed for all those expences. Check over the
information packed for those forms when it comes. Our government pays
Raytheon for all those expences….its NOT out of Raytheons pocket in the

For those who do have insurance….Raytheon at one time wanted YOUR
insurance to pay for that expence and what ever your insurance would not
cover…they would cover. What a crock that was!! All it did was put either
more money in Raytheons pocket or saved our government a few $$$ that they
could squander some where else at another persons/companies expence.

Im not trying to encourage you to turn on Raytheon…rather im trying to
inform you to not turn your back on them. You do a good job for them and
make sure they live up to there contract with you.

Best wishes,


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