Re: no insurance


Hi, Dan!

The general physical, cleaning and x-rays should run you less than
$250 to start with – all reimbursable by RPSC. Unfortunately, beyond
the exam/cleaning, all dental work is your financial responsibility.
This is where the process definitely has the potential to get
expensive. I paid over $2000 to have my wisdom teeth out & some
fillings done before I could be cleared to go. Ouch!

One suggestion (which I need to be better at): turn in all of your
expense reports RIGHT AWAY. You can have a check & be completely
repaid before you leave – just keep up on that paperwork.

Good luck!


Antarctic memories said:
> From: guyupnort0
> Hey Everybody,
> I read here alot, but need some help. I interviewed with John, the
> Exec Chef at the South Pole today. But I don't have health insurance,
> so does anybody know what it will cost me to get the physical and
> dentist visit(s). It would suck to get a job offer and then not be
> able to afford to go.
> Dan