Re: no insurance

Big V

hi Dan
costs could vary hugely–i think my physical alone (chest xray, blood, drug, full exam)  was like $450 but if i had gone to a different doctor it probably would have been alot less, call around and find the cheapest place in your area.  it can actually really add up….since they make you go so in depth and if you actually need dental work it’s down-right scary money-wise (and they don’t reimburse you for dental work).  if you really want to go though, use credit cards/borrow…they do reimburse you eventually.  i’m pretty sure they reimburse you even if you don’t pq so you really won’t be out anything. 
does anyone know if you still get reimbursed even if you don’t pq?  i know i was afraid of that happening when i was going through it. 
anyhoo…you can make up for it by saving some good cash down here with no expenses.  it’s pretty fun down here.
Good luck, Cookie John gave me my first job too 🙂
Big V