Re: NYC to Denver: job fair questions


Boy Hunter, You’ve covered a lot of bases. I’ll do my best.
!) I’m not sure about the Application. Since I’m a returning “recruit”, They emailed the app to me. I’m sure there must be an electronic app somewhere on the site. They are using the electonic apps this year so maybe they no longer have the paper one on the PDF file. The applications are prescreened by HireRight, who do the processing andthe background checks.  I’m not sure if this helps you much. You might also try to leave a message on the discussion board at   Maybe someone there has more up to date info
2) Well I would say to treat this as any job interview. Lorie says-Buisness Casual. You want to look professional, even if it’s for a janitor job. Wear comfortable shoes as the whole process of working your way around the different booths can take all day.
3) It sounds like you could conceivably apply for almost anything. With the Dell job also put in for some of the computer tech jobs. Who knows?. There are a number of administration jobs that you might fit into if the primary applicants fall out at the last minute. If you can handle inventory control( sitting in corner, counting nuts and bolts for hours) then try Supply. Apply for all. Hope you get hired right off. If not, hope for an alternate. If you get the alternate position then get the medical done as soon as possible so you are on top of the list if the primary doesn’t make it.