Re: NYC to Denver: job fair questions


I have been confused about the application thing, as well….  This was my experience last year:  I downloaded and printed it off the internet.  At the fair, they didn’t have any there to fill out, and said that you didn’t need them… BUT, then they needed them to hire you, and that’s even if they decided to hire you by another reason (your resume).  For instance, they would hire you (off of your resume) and then call and say, “Hey, I need an application, could you please send me one.”  It was a silly process, and so I can see how they may have cut that policy out all together.  I was one of the very few people at the fair who actually had one.  As a returning job fair patron this year, I wanted to be on top of the game and bring the application…. I went to look online to see if the version had changed since last year, and that’s when I hit the same problem – they seem not to want them this year.  I’ve been wondering that same thing you were wondering, Hunter, and I’ve decided not to bring an application, and just my resume… HOPEFULLY, that’ll be good enough.
As a GA last year, I spent a day working for a girl who was doing inventory on computer parts.  I’m not sure if she worked for supply or IT (Info Technology), but she said they hired her because she had experience with computers – even though this job was nothing at all close to what here old computer job was… So, at the job fair, poke around at all the tables and just plainly ask them what sort of entry level jobs they have… I found that some people would look at my resume, and some little thing that I didn’t find important, would jump out at them.  Put all sorts of varied experiences on your resume.  That’s what I think got me the job as a GA.
Good luck job fair attendies!  I’ll see ya there!