Re: Oay rates…


If you can run the front end loader you can probably pick up driving our forklifts easy. They are all hydraulic and more or less work the same. When you were a CEO did you ever go down and help with annual inventories or help in a warehouse, shipping, receiving etc. Did you ever drive a forklift. Thats the kinds of things the logistics people will be looking for. It’s much lower pay I believe, but a good dept to work for. They are known for taking care of their people.
I can’t tell you much of the IT stuff. It’s just like my computer. A box with wires that go in and info comes out. I’ve no idea how it works. However when it doesn’t work, the wonderful IT people show up, throw around some chicken bones, chant, and generaly perform magic. Then they tell me it was working the whole time and that it was operator error.