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My impression has been that they pay what they pay for each job description. My advice would be to just ask at the job fair. Remember that you will not be compensated as well on the ice as you would be as a civilian worker in other remote environments but the pay is not that bad. The people you will talk to are just as human as you and I. Don’t be intimidated by them. The more skilled the job is the better the pay but I believe the pay scales are fairly rigid.
Good luck and enjoy the job fair. It makes me blush now but I remember the first time I walked into RPSC I was feeling overwhelmed. Now of course they’re just “Denver”….
Kevin Torphy.

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I’m curious as to just what the Raytheon pay scales are for the IT/Communications slots.  Is there any room for negotiation on these rates..???  Going to the job fair in morning and don’t want to say anything stupid about pay…:)


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