Re: Oay rates…


Just got back from RPS fair…..interesting group of people there….the hiring folks…:)

Talked with the IT folks…..that’s my specialty. Might be something on the land based side….but the ship side seems to have the staff they want. IT has copies of my resume so we’ll see what happens. To best honest I’m not holding my breath…..they need some linux folks and that’s not my area of experience.

I can appreciate your comments on the “other” benefits that don’t have a dollar value attached to them. I wouldn’t mind spending some time in New Zealand….that would just be so hard to take…:)
I’m in a position where I don’t have to work…..I am more bored at the moment than anything else and thought this might be an interesting opportunity. It so happens that I really am an ex-ceo, 52yrs old, and now have the ability to go do something that interests me….:)

Thanks for the feedback…..who knows….maybe they’ll need a PC tech this year…..:) Plus I can brush up on my Linux skills in the meantime…….:)