Re: Oay rates…


The logistics end of things looked interesting…..guess that would be the materials tracking, etc. The communications side also looked interesting but I didn’t have the satellite comm experience they were looking for. Too bad there isn’t an entry level,apprentiship, slot for the comm side…..I think I’d be good at that…:) Got a ham ticket already so I know I can “communicate”…..just have to learn the uplink/downlink and hardware side of the position.

I ran an IT Outsourcing company…..did a lot of desktop refresh, new pc rollouts, some sys admin for enterprise level backup systems, help desk functions. Mostly for the Fortune 100 size companys. Most of the support work got sent overseas in the last couple of years so the company got sold and I wasn’t interested in staying on. Set up my own consulting company but I haven’t been that ambitious in pushing for work….:) Kinda been goofing off actually…:)