Re: old ships


I like hearing from the old timer OE’s. I think Mcmurdo probably doesn’t look a lot like you remember it. The old jamesway sleeping quarters have been replaced by dorms and things are fairly modern compared to how things were back in 78. The pile of seal carcasses is still under the eaves of Scott’s hut. They are protected along with the hut as part of the historical site. There are actually 2 bars here. We’ve gone modern in that one is for smokers the other is smoke-free.The smokers club is called Southern Exposure which I think is the same name as before but I’m not sure. The other is Gallaghers. It was renamed from the Erebus Club in honor of Chuck Gallagher, a well liked member of the US Antarctic program who died here a few years ago. At 42 years old you could come back here again either as a tourist or a worker. Go to for info on working. There are a number of old icebreakers that have converted to cruise ships. The ones that come here leave out of Hobart ,Tasmania. The people that I have talked to on the Kapitan Kalibnikov loved the trip.
As far as winter goes. This place is way different in the winter than the summer. In some ways the summer was a disappointment to me. The 24 hour sunlight was neat but the temperatures rise with all that sunlight. I was expecting frigid temps, instead I got winter in Chicago. Winter in Antarctica is the opposite. It is everything I imagined it to be. And yes you can tell the difference between -30 and -50. The clothing they give us keeps us warm. We all go through training on cold injuries and the program is dedicated to keeping people safe so there aren’t a lot of frostbite cases. The stars at lunch and the rare auroras make up for the cold.