Re: old ships


Howdy from Texas Yall
I was there in Dec. 1978…I was on the CGC Glacier WAGB 4 or the
big red pig as we called it then. The Polar Star was behind us . We
called it the Polish Star because it wouldn't work most of the time.
When it did it sure could break some ice. The ice was about 14 – 16 feet
that year. The big red pig used the ol' back and ram method. It took us
at least a month to get to Mc Murdo. I could have walked there faster.
We escorted a tanker and a freighter in and had scientists doing science
ops on board. I was 18 then and now I'm 42 . I would love to go back
as a tourist. Are the seal carcasses still outside Scott's Hut? Is
there still a bar down there? I got stinkin' drunk in that bar,boy howdy
I tell you what!!!! Well ya must be a whole lot of brave to spend a
winter down there. So stay dry and warm.

Good Luck from an old ice-breaker sailor
Dan D.