Re: Outdoor opportunities (question for Mike)


Its possible to eat some of the cod. However it’s somewhat limited to the fish that have been killed for study by the science groups.You have to be in the right place at the right time. Often the fish are given to the galley.
 Lots of fish are caught but those that don’t need to be killed are kept in a large aquarium which has sea water flowing into it. These are not necessarily killed. The only ones killed are the ones that must be cut open for study.
 In the case of the Mawsonite cod, it’s their blood and internal bodily fluids that are of interest. As the swim in 28 degree seawater that is turning to ice, you would expect that the freshwater in their blood would begin to freeze . The fish are injesting ice crystals and it is only natural to expect the crystals to grow and puncture the cell walls in their body. It’s thought that natural antifreeze proteins  attache to microscopic ice crystals and disrupt their ability to grow.
When I first went to McMurdo I thought it was just an anomally. Something scientific with no real use. Over the years , though I keep hearing bits and pieces in the news about antarctic anti-freeze proteins. The latest was a couple of weeks ago in an article about ice cream. Ice cream needs tiny crystals to be creamy smooth and tasty. As the icecream warms up crystals grow giving icecream that old gritty taste. They are experimenting with these proteins to find a way to keep it ice cream tasty. Ive also heard of experiments which spray them on crops in freezing weather to stop frost from forming.
In the future there is a tremendous potential medically for the antifreeze. Organs removed for transplanting could be frozen and kept healthier longer , Body temps brought down to freezing for operations etc.