Re: Outdoor opportunities (question for Mike)


there are plenty of recreation opportunies. SeeRecreation for some photo’s. You can visit Scotts discovery hut anytime you want. It’s only a short walk out of town to hut point and you don’t have to sign out. It’s also one of the hikes you can do alone. The hut is a historic landmark and is locked but several times a year it is opened up and tours are given. Scott’s Cape Evans Hut is 15 miles away. There are usually trips sponsored by the recreation dept. several time a year. Sign up early if you see a notice on the bulletin board. The most popular hikes are the Castle Rock Loop Trail, which you will undoubtably do more than once. It’s a long walk but the climb to the top is fun and the view are spectacular.
Ob hill is a little closer to town and is something you could do easily before or after work.
Ski’s are available from recreation at a modest cost. You can ski the Armitage Loop, Willy field road, Ice runway road and the Castle Rock Loop trail. If you make friends with any of  the New Zealanders, you may get invited to go to the Kiwi Ski Hill.