Re: phone calls


There are a couple of ways to do it. The easiest is to go through New Zealand which has a telephone link here.It’s quite expensive.  Email the person you want to talk to and they can walk you through the steps. If they don’t know have them contact me and I’ll send them list.
It’s generally frowned upon especially in the summer to have incoming phone calls. We are 18 hours or more off in time and anyone calling during normal time will undoubtably be calling while the people here are asleep. If the person you are calling has a roommate you will be causing a lot of problems.
For example if you were to call me , the best time would be after dinner when I’m back in my room. Say 6 to 8 pm here. The problem is that when it’s 6pm here on friday night it’s 11pm Thursday in California and 2am on the east coast. Most people would still be eating at the galley at 6. If you tried to call at 8pm here it would be 1am to 4am back in the states. You would have to be pretty dedicated to try and call here.