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Pole has a help desk, a pc tech and a network engineer in the summer. In the winter, the pc tech serves as the help desk also. Its certainly possible to get jobs at Pole with all the work going on there these days….
Alas the Dome is supposed to come down this coming summer with the new station nearing completion.
The best thing to do might be to submit a resume and cover letter and in it to explain that you will be at the job fair. I’ve heard that keeping in tough with the hiring manager’s is important (after they contact you initially)
Good Luck,
Kevin Torphy.

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Hi all, I’ve been faithully reading this forum with the same aspirations as Mike.  My background is in computer software testing (QA), and I thought it might help me in finding a help desk or IT job, but really I’d do anything.  I’d love to be at Amundsen Scott but not sure that’s attainable.     My question is, if I go to the job fair, what can I do to prepare for it ahead of time?  Is there a way to contact the hiring managers beforehand to let them know how interested I am and that I’ll be at the job fair?  I’m also a world traveller, having lived some time in Spain and Mexico, and probably been to about 50 countries too.      I would love to hear other people’s stories about how they got jobs on the ice.     And as an aside to others going to the job fair, wanted to see if anyone would be interested in splitting a hotel room to save on costs.   Thanks, and hope to meet you all on the ice.   Ian

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