Re: Please mold me!


In the summer there are a fair number of IT jobs. Software and hardware and help desk. In addition there are numerous clerical jobs throughout all depts that require some expertise in basic MS programs.
My hiring story- My background was warehousing- I went to the job fair and mostly applied for the cargo handling side of things. I kept in touch but wasn’t hired. The hiring manager suggested I talk to the supply folks and transferred me over. I got hired as an alternate, then the position dropped out. My wife got hired in the store. Then I was an alternate again and finally someone dropped out and I was given a spot in the parts room in the vehicle repair facility(VMF). I think I got the job because I was a “home mechanic” and at least knew the terminoloy. After that it was just inventory control and right up my alley. I’ve been supply ever since and have been in the VMF, Carp Shop, Food Warehouse, and now Electrical Supply. As with many jobs here the real key is flexibility and an ability to be dropped into an environment you know nothing about, pull everything from your past that will help you out, and hit the road running. Everyone knows you are new and will accept a short adjustment period. You just have to have the drive to get going fast.