Re: Please mold me!


A little more about experience.
Is the years experience important? Yes, However, it is often the case that not enough experienced people apply for a specific job. Would they hire you as a journeyman electrician to rewire the power plant if you had no experience? No , but if you’ve helped your dad rewire your house, maybe someone would hire you as a helper. You know, someone tells you to pull on the wire and you do it. The bottom line is that the people doing the hiring want experienced people at all levels, but if no one applies it leaves the door open to you.
There are a number of clerical jobs, but they are mostly tied into the different workcenters. Apply for everything you think you might be able to do. Knowing Excell backwards and forewards would be a big help. To a lesser extent a knowledge of Access helps. Most everything down here though is done with Excel.
The proprietary program is Mapcon and you will learn it here. Most of the workcenters use it for inventory control, cargo tracking, work order scheduling, and service orders. There is nothing I know of that will prepare you in advance. McMurdo computer trainers hold lots of free classes on how to use the program.
When applying, keep one thing in mind. The people doing the hiring are looking for people who want to come down and work. If they think the only reason you want to come here is to see the penguins, then be prepared not to be hired. It’s a six day a week 9 hour a day job. There is time in the evenings and on Sundays to see Antarctica, but the rest of the time you need to focus on work and the people who do the hiring need to see that in you.
Write back more about what you have done in the past and we’ll see if we can steer you in a couple of directions.