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Mike, You sound like a great candidate for working on the Ice. One common denominator for  people there is being well traveled. I would apply early and show your enthusiasm for the job. There isn’t much call for spanish/american translators but if you can understand Kiwi you could translate or teach them American…:) Seriously though there are many jobs you could do. Cargo, Fuelie (Summer) GA, DA, construction coordinator, to name a few. I agree with you that the best way would be to apply for any job that you think you could do and try to stay in touch with the hiring managers.
When I applied, I wrote an essay on why I wanted to work in Antarctica as well as a resume etc. Reading it again after spending a year at Pole I couldn’t believe how naive I sounded but I got the job so something worked. I believe it was that like you, I was very excited about working there and was able to communicate that to the hiring manager. I work in the trades so that was a big help too. If you have any experience at all in construction you could try out for a helper position.
Good luck,
Kevin Torphy.

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Hi Mike,   Sorry for the delay.  Been working like crazy to get my thesis proposal in before its deadline.   Ok, me in a nutshell:  35 years old.  Bachelor’s in Spanish from Gonzaga Univ.  One step away from a Master’s in Sustainable Development from School for International Training.  Three years working as a Program Asst. with Int’l Students at G.U.  Three years teaching English in Japan.  Three years as a Peace Corps volunteer, working at a youth center in Cape Verde.  Short time teaching Spanish at a charter school in Austin. And currently running my own Spanish Interpreting business in Boise.   I have visited over fifty countries; lived in four continental regions; experienced and enjoyed living with next-to-nothing; and thrive in a small community setting.   While I’m not a computer programmer by any means, I consider myself above average in MS Office applications — including Excel.  In fact, I taught Word and Excel courses in the Peace Corps.   My plan is to apply for every job that’s available and that doesn’t require certain liscenses or certificates.  I may not have the experience they are looking for, but I’m a fairly sharp guy and am easily trained.  If you have any suggestions of what I might be best qualified for, I’d enjoy getting your insight.   I will be going to the job fair in April.  Do you recommend applying for jobs over the internet before attending the fair; or should I wait until that day to apply?  Also, do you know if they are looking for a specific type of resume?  Any guidence that you — or anyone else! — could offer would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks for all the help.  It’s great to see that you enjoy the experience so much that you’re willing to help others in their efforts to join you.   Thanks again,   Michael R.

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