Re: Please mold me!


I’ll echo Kevins response. I’d say the bottom line is that everyone wants highly experienced people to apply for their depts. The reality is that even if they do apply, they often don’t pass the medical exam or they flunk the drug test. So often it seems that at the last minute the managers are scrambling to fill positions. I might add that if none of the hiring managers pick you up right away, let them know that you are well traveled and can up and leave at a moments notice if a vacancy comes up.
From your previous jobs, I can’t think of anything you would be a shoe-in for. However, you appear to be a very adaptable person. There are a large number of reasonably unskilled jobs that you could probably hit with a running start.
Also, when talking to the hiring folks, remember that we work a six day a week 9 hour a day work week. You will be expected to work. If in your enthusiasm you give the impression that all you want to do is wander around the continent and look at penguins, it’s not likely anyone will hire you. Keep the work focused. How to do the fun stuff we’ll do later.