Re: Please mold me!


Hi Michael. Sorry about being a bit late getting back. We’ve just had our annual supply ship come in and we’ve all been on 12 hour shifts. This is also the transition from summer to winter. Both summer and winter crews are here and it seems everyone is on the internet. When that happens it takes forever to answer one of these letters. After next week things should improve.
As for molding, Most of what you read will apply to you. I’ve said often that it’s not really necessary to go to the job fair, However, the advantage is that you get to meet the recruiting people personally. IF you are lucky, they will give you a contact address to keep in touch. Some jobs get hundreds of applicants, so anything you can do to stand above the rest of the crowd helps. If you get an alternate position take it. There is a fair chance that you will be moved up.
Got to go to work.
more later