Re: PQ


I love this time of year. It’s been years since I went through my first hiring process. I’m always afraid that as the old people leave and new ones come on that the focus of how they hire will have changed. It sounds like the advice given here is still  working.
Webster,  The PQ process is the most important part of what is to come. As Sharon said, even if you flunk, you can retest or get something fixed, provided you have enough time. For that reason, make getting through the process your priority.
It is the nature of medical tests to vary from test to test. You can have normal blood pressure, but it’s high only on the day of the test, etc etc. It’s been said that the physical is analogous to an astronaut physical. They test everything in your blood samples. Things you’ve never heard of before. In many cases even if you do flunk, you can apply for a waiver. Again you need lots of time, so also again, get your tests done fast.
Another rare but it does happen problem that can creep up, has to do with the medical dept processing thousands of medical applications in the course of a few weeks. It is inevitable that some get lost.  Another rare one is that the whole package gets lost in the mail and never reaches the USAP office. Again you’ll have to redo the tests.
good luck Webster and keep us informed. By the way what were you hired for