Re: PQ Issues


No real worries most of the time, my total Cholestorol is 400 and all they asked for was a treadmill stress test. No problems. I have to take damn meds for te winter though until I wirk it down to about 200 or so, whatever. Some things they are picky about but we have many types here with pretty bad diabetes and stuff, as long as they know and you have te meds to deal with it for the time you are here then they are pretty ok with it. If you are worried, contact your doctor and ask if its possible to get a quick appointment if they have some more workups to do with you. I hope you are not goiung through the Labcorp group, I had to take the tests 4 times with them, every time I went, they did drug screens and not the UA workup, I eventually just went to my doctors clinic and had them do it so you may want to make arrangements if your Labcorp is as bad as mine was. They are very fast about getting back to you though if something is wrong and if needed ask them to make an appointment with their docs in Denver to get it done right if needed, might be faster. in the end.
Hope to see yu passing through soon.