Re: PQ'd!


Lorie just read my list and has come up with some things I missed.
=, Shower shoes, You will most likely be using a community shower down the hall in your dorm.
=Robe, slippers, same reason
=Towel is a must, you won’t be able to get one once down there.
=Same is true for underwear, socks, etc. If your shoelaces are worn bring more.
=In addition to the watch stuff from the other list, Lorie says the most asked for item in the store are new pins for the watchband. I wouldn’t have thought of that one, but it makes a lot of sense and doesn’t take up any room.
=Bring a copy of your eyeglass prescription. If you lose or break your glasses you can send for new ones from Cheech.
=Depending on the job, a small flashlight can be indespensable.
=On the same note. Send down enough batteries to last for the season. Cd players eat them up and the store doesn’t always have enough to go around.
=Coffee- If you are a lover of good bean coffee then send down some beans and a grinder. Depending on the year, the coffee in the galley will vary from awful to passable, but nothing like a good cup of starbucks. I sent down a hot water pot and use a french press instead of a coffee machine and filters, much easier. and there are not filters to fit home coffeemakers. If you send a coffeemaker send filters. There is a fair selection of bigalow and celestial seasoning tea available in the store and the galley.
=If you like room deoderizers, send it down, none in the store. Beware your roommate may not have the same tastes. Use sparingly. No inscence allowed for fire safety reasons. No candles allowed for the same reason.
=Music-Bring you cd or mp3 player and cd’s. The gear issue room has a lot of cd’s, but probably not your favorites. Mp3 players need a computer to load the music.Don’t forget the cable and lots of memory/ flash cards.
For the Girls
Smelly lotions, soaps, face cream, hair dye, facial stuff, nail polish etc.
Thanksgiving and Christmas are dress up. Guys and girls bring down something nice to wear. If you wear or use it off the ice and you like it  bring it down.
Another list hope it helps
mike and lorie