Re: PQ'd!

Big V

Hi Hunter
Boondoggles for D.A.’s–rare, although they did manage to get us all included in Happy Camper school by the end of summer…it’s something that you can’t expect but luckly we all were able to go in the end.  Other than that not much–once I got to jump on a shuttle during work time to see a penguin on the runway….I wouldn’t really call that a boondoggle though.  Pretty much you get screwed on the boondoggle thing as a D.A.  One thing that can get you out though is dive-tending, since you have different days off than most–it’s easier for the D.A.’s to get hooked up with doing this.  Oh, don’t forget to bring bandanas and lots of music for working.  I wouldn’t worry about having a watch unless you usually wear one, you won’t be allowed to wear it or any jewelery while on duty.  Let me know if you have other specific D.A. questions…see you soon!
Big V