Re: PQ'd!


Hunter, as a new Midrat DA in 2000-01, I got to go to Cape Evans, Cape Royds, take a flight on the Coast Guard helo out to the open waters and past the Barne Glacier, and tour Discovery Hut.  Things you can do to make your own boondoggle are walk the Armitege Trail, climb Ob Hill, go down the observation tube (if it is in place), volunteer as a dive tender, meet the scientists and offer to help them fish, tag penguins, etc.  I think you are only limited by your imagination and your energy level.  It is a lot of work to put in a 10-hour night, get off at 8am and be ready to go at 9am for a full day of fun, get back at 6pm and report to the galley at 10pm again!!  Good luck!  Sharon