Re: PQ'd!


It’s not just a Da thing. I’ve never been to Cape royds, the dry valleys, the pole or on a helecopter. I have been to , Happy Camper, Room with a View and sea ice training.
Luck of the draw.
As V said sometimes your boondoggles are things available to everyone but you happen to be off work while the opportunity came up. So on my own I happened to be sitting in the galley when someone dropped out of an Imax Crevasse trip. They asked if I wanted to go. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
It was a sunday so I was off of work. I also got out to one of the penguin camps the same way a few years ago. They’ve been clamping down on these trips lately, but I would still try.
Be forewarned, do not attempt to get yourself on an airplane or helecopter trip out of mcm without prior authorization. You will be fired if caught. They are strict about this.