Re: PQ'd!


Since I’ve never spent just the summer I’ve always had a the 125 lb winter weight allowance. I’ve never come close to that so I’ve not paid too much attention to the actual weight of the ecw gear. Depending on your job you can sometimes be issued a lot of gear. I’m not sure what the summer DA’s get issued. Maybe not that much.In supply we get a fair amount of extra gear since we work outdoors.I’ll get issued a carhardt heavy duty parka, a big red parka, a lightweight carhardt jacket, lots of gloves, mittens and liners, lots of heavy socks, 2 pairs of boots and lots of hats, neck gaiters, and other items.I try to wear the minimum I can get away with on the flight down. While sometimes the planes are cold, more often they are unbearably hot. Your red parka and lightweight windpants and fleece should keep you warm.
If you are approaching your weight limit, don’t despair, the red parka is really a bunch of pockets with some down feathers in between. Something like 8 pockets. Whatever you can put in a pocket doesn’t count toward your weight limits. The handcarry also doesn’t count toward the weight limit, however it must fit into a 2 cubic foot box. That can be a problem.  So if you have weight to spare send down everything heavy in your checked luggage, wear your ecw gear and keep enough clothes in your handcarry to survive on if you boomerang for a couple of days.You don’t get your luggage back. Just your handcarry.
On that note I’ve known of multiple people who packed there shoes in their luggage and had to buy shoes in Cheech.