Re: pq'd for summer!


Marsha, You don’t need a laptop at all unless you have personal things you will be doing. For example, I’m planning on making some short movies. To do so I need an external hard drive with lots of memory. They don’t allow you to hook up unapproved hardware to the net here so I use my laptop. It’s also convenient to keep your photos on your own memory, They give you some storage on the network here but it’s not as much as your laptop probably has. If you use the base compters, you can always buy some disks, and burn all your photos at the end of the season.
If you bring a laptop during the summer you will not be able to get online from your room. Those links are reserved mostly for the science staff. To go online with your own computer, you have to bring it to the coffee house (six connections) or the computer kiosk (2 connections).