Re: pq'd for summer!


Ok, See you at Mainbody. Everyones new this year? If Tom H. is still there when you arrive chat with him about hints to make your season enjoyable. It’s always difficult in any department with all new people. There is an “ice” culture that you can go along with or buck if you want. Times change, rules change, policies change and sometimes you have no choice but to implement new policies. On the other hand, listen a little to the old timers before jumping in and and turning everything inside out on your first day. It helps a lot if everyone is trying to help you do a good job.
Example: A few years ago after the winterovers were required to move out of their single rooms and get a roomate at winfly, the new (fingie) housing coordinator came in an gave herself a single room with a view(nomally reserved for the old timers).
Sure she had the power and who could blame her for it,  but I would imagine anyone with an understanding of the anger that actions like that evolve in the community would have picked a different room. In the end I’m sure she did well.
So much for my attempts at housing policy.
see you soon