Re: PQing and vision


Jessica —  I’ve had surgery on both of my eyes.  No, not LASIK, but to repair some retinal stuff.  I’ve also worn (hard/rigid) contacts since I was seven years old.  This is my fourth season down here, and haven’t had any problems at all with my eyes…except for the dust. 
When people ask me what the worst part of being down here is, they expect me to answer with ‘the cold; the wind; the isolation; the desolation; etc.’, but no…it’s the dust. 
In the summer, our little corner of Ross Island melts away, and exposes the volcanic ‘dirt’, underneath.  This is non-arable soil, and more akin to sand, than actual dirt.  Anyway, when the wind gets to blowing you’d better be wearing some form of eye protection.  Still, some way, those microscopic boulders always end up in your eyes.  A good tearing, though, washes them away.  Calm days are a blessing…
C’mon down.  You’ll have a great time.