Re: Question


Sorry to break the news, but no children here. Probably for very good reason. This is basically a big construction zone with heavy equipment an bulldozers all over the place. The helecopter pad isn’t fenced off and there are very dangerous crevasses on the ice that are covered over with a thin layer of snow, just waiting for someone to step on them. We have very stringent safety rules and there is nobody around to supervise.If someone gets hurt and survives, you are 3 days from a hospital during the summer months and up to 8 months in the winter.  I’ve said before that while kids would liven up the place, it would destroy moral the first time someone’s child got hurt. There is a death here every year or two and it’s bad enough with adults, it would be horrible with kids. The best thing for you is to take a long vacation and book a cruise on one of the ships that come here in the summer. Try the Kapitan Kalibnikov. An old russian icebreaker that has been converted into a cruise ship. I believe they leave out of Hobart Tazmania with a stop in New Zealand before coming down to the ice.