Re: Questions


Hi Jeff.
Good luck with the Job Fair.
4month 6 month– This is totally determined by the job. The majority of people in the summer work mainbody, which is from October to February. In August an early contingent of workers come down to help get things going for mainbody. They make the runways and help get the dorms and buildings set up. It’s a six to seven week season called Winfly. If you get a chance to come down at winfly I would jump on it. It’s the end of winter and cold. Up to 50 below zero and sometimes some of the worst storms in this part of antarctica. Mainbody starts in the 20 below zero range and gets to a balmy 35 to 40 above by New Years. No animals to see at winfly. Plenty to see at the end of mainbody, but only if the seaice melts.The ice has melted only once in the last 4 years.
Average wages depend on the job. DA’s and GA’s are at the bottom end and are somewhere around the 325 to 350 dollars a week.
got to go to work. will answer more later.