Re: Questions about working in Antarctica


Hi Joanne
Great questions. Ones anyone going thinking about coming here would ask. First, yes I am here now. This will be my second winter. It’s in my blood I guess. As far as connections go, McMurdo has a 24 hour satellite link with the US. That means we get telephone and internet both. The internet works fairly well most of the time.Especially if you are on a computer that is hooked to the LAN. In the winter they allow people with laptops to get dial-up connections into the McMurdo Lan. It works ok for email, but is way too slow to move photo’s or big files around. If you want you can bring your laptop to the coffehouse and hook into the LAN there.
There are lot’s of married couples here. Both spouses must be employed though. Sometimes they give out some of the janitor jobs to spouses so both can work here. During the summer when there are upwards of 1000 or more people here, everyone must have at least one roommate. Married couples get one room. If you are new to the program you will get a lower case dorm that has a common bath and shower area. If you have enough time down here , you will get an upper case dorm. 2 rooms go together to form a suite with a bath between them and a sink in every room. In the summer everyone still gets a roommate, even in the upper case dorms.
Winter is different. There are only around 200 people. They close the lower case dorms and everyone gets either a room to themselves in the main building where the galley is or one of the upper case rooms. For married couples it means a whole suite. two rooms and a bathroom. Most make a living room out of one and  sleep in the other.
We have a small medical clinic that could function as an emergency hospital. In the winter we have a doctor and a physicians assistant. In the summer there are nurses and revolving medical personnel from the military.
Hope I answered your questions. Feel free to ask more.