Re: Questions n' stuff


Brad, another thing. Lots of night life here. The recreation dept holds plenty of parties, events, dances, live bands, etc. Plus lots of individuals do their own “rec” events for the community. Follow some of the photo albums on the front page and you’ll see the Clark and Mike Adventure trips that I do along with one of my friends. There are people teaching spanish and french, a toastmasters club, lots of people doing cards and gaming of one type or another (ie trivial pursuit backgammon etc) at the coffee house. There are two “nightspots”. Southern Exposure, for smokers and Gallagers for everyone else. Often times people will form bands to play there. Recreation can provide a lot of musical equipment, but plenty of people bring their own. Working 6 days a week 9 hours a day leaves not much left over time for play, but when you want to play there is plenty to do.