Re: Questions n' stuff


Brad, they hire many people, college, no college, doctors, lawyers etc. The problem is that most of the jobs here are support jobs for the base. In general the bulk of the jobs are trades related. It’s easier to be hired as a plumber than as an accountant. It’s always supprising to me how many lawyers come here as janitors etc. As for adventure. To the extent that you are thinking the answer is no. Safety here is a key part of everything that goes on. In general if someone gets hurt they can be stitched up in the medical office, but hospital care is anywhere from 3 days to a week or more in the summer and not available at all in the winter months. If you are already and experienced mountaineer then you should try out for the primary SAR (search and rescue) team. You will get some serious practice that way. For the rest of us it is generally a hike out on the glaciers along a flagged route that weaves it’s way around the crevasses. Your chances of getting to the Royal Societies are nil unless you are part of one of the science groups that have a grant to study there.