Re: :-)


It’s a nice banner isn’t it. I’ll have to figure out how to copy it to the front page when I get some time. I believe the photo is one of mine from the trip we ran to the pegasus airplane crash site. Hard to say for sure since they’ve cropped it down for the banner. I was using a Nikon coopix 5000 which I love. It’s way beyond me but I’ve figured out enough to take time exposures and the like. There isn’t a lot of special equipment needed here. The key is to keep the camera inside your parka until you need to use it. Also know the controls blindfolded so you can set the controls before you take it out. Mine performed well up to about -20F that way. Now that it is getting colder it’s a bit harder to get photo’s without things freezing up. I’ve got a remote shutter release that doesn’t work at all in the cold. All in all though, as an amateur I’m happy with what I get. Most of the other people here have the same results as long as they keep the cameras warm.