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Another note on the photos. For the most part the photo’s are unretouched. If anything has been done it’s to lighten and reduce their size¬†swith Microsoft Photo Editor. The majority of the photo’s are mine. Some are photo’s from the McMurdo common drive which is a place that people put photos to give away¬†for general use. And some of the really nice ones from the Clark and Mike’s Adventure trips are Clark’s. He has a knack for taking really nice photo’s. His camera is a Nikon 990 with a variety of special lenses. If I buy anything before coming back this next winter it will be some telephoto lenses. The max zoom on the Coolpix 5000 is woefully lacking. If I get any good photo’s it’s more luck and the fact that I take 50 photo’s everytime I go outside and delete the bad ones on the spot. Most everything I take I put on the drive and give away so people without cameras can have photo’s to email home to family.
Since we are in 24 hour darkness now I’m getting a fair amount of practice with nighttime time exposures. My favorite photo’s are from that time when the twilight is just disappearing and everything is a deep royal blue color. The snow here reflects that color and gives really beautiful photos.
Next week Clark and I are going to bring a group of people out on the ice shelf to build an Igloo and take some photo’s. Our hope is to put a light inside so the light shines through the cracks. And (keep our fingers crossed) an aurora will pop up just for our photo’s. If they turn out I’ll put them here.