Re: Realistic or not?


Wow.  I completely appreciate the time all of you have taken to answer my questions above and beyond!  Excellent information because you’re answering questions I have that I didn’t even know I had! 
Do you get homesick?  I know that is probably somewhat naive, but I mean more “normalsick,” have you ever wanted to go home really bad?  I guess you cannot, though, so you just walk through it, huh?  Or do you ever feel claustraphobic (sp?)?  I guess I’m really wondering if you ever feel trapped? 
I checked out this book at the library, Terra Incognita, by Sara Wheeler.  Is it an accurate portrayal of what life is like there?
By the way, I am in northern California, and it is very hot right now.  I could use some of that coolness you’re enjoying.  My garden is taller than me with veggies (only in California) already.  We have experienced 4 earthquakes in the past month, which we’re finding somewhat interesting.