Re: Realistic or not?


Skua brings up a  couple of good points. Most of the books are not going to reflect your experience because the variety of what goes on here is probably greater than any one person can experience.
As to taking everything with a grain of  salt, he’s probably right as well. What you’ll find is that there is  much to see and experience. So much that there isn’t enough time to see or do it all. Many in their first year try to get to every party, walk every trail every week, see every movie etc etc. Oh my god, what happens when 4 of your friends are having 3 parties in different places on the same night and 2 more want you to climb OB hill at midnight. Some will spend a half an hour at each one trying to experience everything. You will have no time left for yourself. If you  do ,work gets in the way and you stand a good chance of not being happy. So alot of how you will feel depends on how you manage yourself.  Give some time to yourself, give some time to others, pick and choose wisely the things you do and you will find a home here.
Atlas is right, McMurdo stands a good chance of finding a home in your soul. Whether you come back year after year depends a lot on you and your family back home, but in any case you will probably look back on McMurdo as one of the great experiences in your life.