Re: Realistic or not?


Well, I’m glad to see you’re not boring! 
I had to look up what a “tauntaun” is, and I think I’ll pass on this trip…  THEN, I read some freaky stuff about a collision that is due to happen with an iceberg, which could possibly be detrimental to DEPARTING…, but seeing that it came from the Art Bell show, I’ll let it pass.
I’ve been looking around (as you suggested), and I have yet to find a picture of the GERBIL GYM that you mention.  That’s really what I’d like to see.
I am learning that is is imperative to attend the Denver job fair?  Is this true?
I’ll bite, too, what is FNG?
And, lastly, do you, Atlas, like the show Cheers?
I’m not sure how many questions I can ask here on this thread; don’t want to bore everyone.  If you feel so inclined, though, please use