Re: Realistic or not?


Kelli —
Let’s get the heady question out of the way first – What is a FNG?  The answer?  It’s what everyone is their first year down here.  FNG (pronounced ‘fingee’) is an acronym for F***ing New Guy.  Basically, an Ice Virgin – eyes bigger than saucers, and wanting to do everything possible to have the ‘complete’ Antarctic experience.  It’s not a detrimental term; rather, one of endearment.  Yeah, that’s the word…
There’s not a picture of the Gerbil Gym because I don’t think Mike even knows where it is.  It’s basically a small building filled with cardio/aerobic equipment – treadmills, stair climbers, cross-dressers, er trainers, bikes, and some weight equipment.  It’s typically a busy place.  Probably why Mike avoids it.  😉
As far as the BIG ICEBERG COLLISION – ignore it.  Yes, there’s a big berg floating around, but after hanging around here a few years, it’s now floating north. 
And, just as a rule of thumb, don’t believe anything that comes out of the Art Bell show.  Fun for entertainment purposes, but it’s all drivel.  Makes it SEEM more colorful here than it actually is.
And yes, Cheers used to be one of my favorite shows.  Why is it you ask?
Well, gotta run.  We’re having our big Fourth of July cookout, and fair, up at the Heavy Shop.  There’s even a dunk tank for the station management.  Should be a hoot.