Re: Realistic or not?


K, K, K…
Wow, that doesn’t sound good, does it?  Okay…
Kelli, Kelli, Kelli…
First off, my name really is Atlas.  It’s on my driver’s license, passport, paycheck, and birth certificate.  Same birthday as Charles Atlas, the bodybuilder from the last century.
I’m wholly American – born in Arkansas, and living in Missouri.  I’ve lived in about a dozen other states, too.
I was kidding about being licensed to practice medicine in Honduras.  Didn’t think you’d call me on it.  😉
In the winter there is a one doctor here.  In the summer there are 2-3.  I think I mentioned the staffing in an earlier post.  The doc that had the breast cancer, Jeri Nielsen, was a winterover down at Pole a few years ago.  I was at the ice runway, here in McMurdo, when she flew in from Pole, and transferred to a flight north.  Didn’t see her, though.
The people that work for RPSC are either American, or Kiwi.  We’re here for differing reasons – typically, we get into the USAP because of the adventure, and the chance to visit the most forbidding, and most remote, continent on the planet.  We come back because we fall in love with the place, the job, the community, or any combination.  We’re normal people, with slightly abnormal lives.
Every season the company breaksdown where everybody comes from.  Most of the RPSC employees come from Colorado, Alaska, Montana, Wyomng, and various other mountain states.  McMurdo is basically a cross-section of the US.  People from every state have worked here at one time or another.
As far as research, everything gets funneled through the NSF.  They’re the ones that approve all the research at the American stations, and on our two research vessels.  Lots of colleges have there hands in something down here.  At times, there will be people here from other countries, but for the greatest part, everyone is American.
As far as to WHAT they study, that runs the gamut:  biology, glaciology, astronomy, meteorology, geology, and a bunch of other -ologys.  We have a huge, modern lab to accomodate all the scientists, and researchers. 
Science is the main reason we’re here.
You can visit to read more about their polar programs.
Whew, you made me type alot this time around.  What else ya got for me?