Re: Realistic or not?


I’m impressed.  You must be a good typist.  Most men are not (no offense).  Are you a man?  I guess so since ATLAS is your REAL NAME.  Dude, that is so COOL.  I have never known an ATLAS before!  🙂  Incidentally, I attended and graduated from high school in Jefferson City, class of 1986.  Geez, that sounds so cheesy.  Where are you from in Missouri? 
When you “winter down” you must not receive any mail?  Do you receive mail at other times of the year?  How long does it take to arrive from the USA?
I do appreciate your answering my questions.  This is kind of fun, but I don’t know that I should keep this thread going on and on, is that okay?  Aren’t tons of people reading it?  Maybe it doesn’t matter. 
Do you have your food prepared for you all 3 meals a day?